The Dirty Young Man's Note

Friday, January 27, 2006


hamas won the election in Palestina.
Palestina has changed because no one could imagine that hamas would win the election before Arafat died. now, many Palestinians accept hamas, which used to be thought as a dangerous armed group and it actually was though, because of their lagitimate possibility.

Israel is denying to have a conversation with hamas as long as they disarm themselves. but they have to understand that armament is one of hamas' identity, so israel should have a conversation for benefit of both side: Israel and Plestina.


Thursday, January 26, 2006


when Asashoryu toutched "dohyo", Tochiazuma won a sumo championship.
it has been almost one and half a year since the last time japanese sumo wrestler won it.
because foreign sumo wrestlers had been spotlited for long time, we almost forgot that there are japanese sumo wrestlers.

sumo is special. not like other japanese traditional sports.
there are many foreign players and instructors of judo or karate, who cannot speak japanese, around the world. but once foreigners want to play sumo, they have to come to japan and have to learn japanese, and have to get used to japanese custom. although it is tough, the number of foreign sumo wrestlers are increasing year by year.
japanese people now are realizing that we still have such a wonderful tradition right beside us.

we have to proud of it!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Have a good day Horiemon!!

must have been a dramatic week for Horiemon.
i've felt that there is sthg to do with Horiemon and Prime Minisiter Koizumi. both of them have been fighting against old japanese thoughts and system: when Horiemon tried to manage fuji tv, many japanese people were on Horiemon's side, because we expect that he would change current japanese system. while when Koizumi said "I am going to break old fashioned jimin-to!", many japanese were on his side, because we expect that he would change current japanese system.....
well, what happened afterwards is, Horiemon got captured and Koisumi seems not to do anything but breaking jimin-to...

both of them did not have any concrete vision. and many of japanese people followed them because they seemed cool.

both of them, came with the wind and gone with the wind.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Polyandry in Russia??

vice president in Chechnya said "Chechnya, which has extremely small number of male, needs to introduce polygamy." the number of men in Chechnya is actually getting smaller because of the conflict. and for some reason, Gilinovsly, a Russian politician, agreed with it and said "polygamy should be accepted in whole Russia. then i would get second and third wife."

but the problem is that Chechny is islamic country, many of which basically accepts polygamy, but Russia is a country of Russian orthodox church, which is related to Cathoric. therefore, there is no objection so far in Chechnya but there IS a strong objection in Russia. a russian female politician acused Gilinovsky and said "the reason of reducing male population in Russian area is not only because of the conflict but also because men drink a lot, so we do not have to accept polygamy while we should accept polyandry!"( Asahi shimbun, 1.15.2006)

what a humorous politicians there are!!
women's opinions always seem better than men's ones...

but i wonder one wife could controle three husbands if polyandry was introduced. mmm,,, but it would be easier than controle three wives...haha!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

a happy new year!!

it has been a while that i write this blog. i was afraid if this blog was deleted from the space, but it IS here still waiting for me to be updated.
bunch of kisses to my blog!!haha!!


i went to my grandparents' home on the new year's day and had a dinner with them.
we talked about current Japanese news.
my grandma, 72 yrs old, said that Japan has been being a stupid country. she also said that that is her generation's fault; people who were born before WW2 got suffered by serious hunger and poverty during and after the war so they did not want their children to be in the same situation. they worked and worked for their children's happiness. for their effort, japan has not gotten in war for more than half a century. but, has japan become a real peaceful country??-----the answer is, NO. elementary school kid kill her friend in the classroom, people steal tons of apples, which were grown by farmers for years, and gvmnt is going to join the war...

dear...she does not have to regret about what she did at all.
now WE have to take after her and her generation's will!!
we gatta stop sucking our grandmas' tits!!

IT IS 21st century, man!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a bridge know

holiday morning.
a cup of coffee...
nothing to do..

anyway, i found a heart-to-heart story on Asahi Shimbun this morning.
the story was like this:

12 year old Palestinian boy got killed on the street by an Israeli soldiar's miss shot and the boy was pronounced brain-dead. after that, his parents decided to transplant their kid's heart to a Jew. They said " a Jew who recieve a heart from my son will not be killing Palestinians. we wish what we do will change Israeli government's policy and will make a peaceful world."
Israeli government, now, is seriously concidering to appologize for miss shot of the soldiar to the Palestinian family.

the story is sad because a young life was cut by others but what the boy's parents did was really great. it must have been one of the greatest things Palestinians did.

hope things are going well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

looks Arabian

I read the article about bias against people from Middle East a couple of weeks ago.

the story was like this:

the U.S. custom officers got a guy at the airport and kept him for a few hours just because he looked Arabian. but actually he was a French bucreaucrat visiting the U.S. for his meetings with the U.S. governers.
if my memory was sure, French government had been going to sue those custom officers.

but what the hell is happening in France??

because of recent riots, many immigrants have been douted as if they are all criminals.